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About Pellman's Automotive Soccer Club

Pellmans Automotive has been around in various incarnations for a very long time. While some of it's members are indeed long in the tooth and gray of hair, they possess a remarkable capacity to think and act, if not play, as if they were twenty years younger.

This collective delusion - coupled with regular recruiting of younger, abler bodies in the key skill positions - has kept the squad competitive among Boulder's generally very broad and talented leagues, while also providing occasion for much mirth, merriment and near-catastrophic injury.

The team is managed by Eric Colon and is sponsored by namesake Brad Pellman, of Automotive Repair fame. Beginning in Spring 2013, the Over-40 team is being managed by Allan Wright.

See the links to the right for more on team history, other sponsors, etc. If you would like to join our team, please be sure to check out the Players pages first to ensure you want to hang with this ragtag bunch. If you're still interested, call Coach E and tell him you want in.

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